About Us

Argyll cafe is family owned some thirty years , were proud to specialise in our fish and chips sourcing the best variety of British potatoes together with supporting farmers and the Scottish fishing fleet only using fresh produce.
we buy best quality over price on all of our products bringing our customers 100% beef burgers and using fresh chicken fillets for our chicken burgers.
Our pizza"s we are also very proud of using the best sourced ingredients, 100% mozzarella finest tomatoes and a lovingly kneaded special dough which is both light and highly digestible.
we also boast great coffee home made baking and to top it all of we have the best working team anyone could hope for, smiles all round :)
We have also strived to keep our carbon footprint low using mostly paper products and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce pollution and waste.our pop is mainly aluminium cans or glass bottles, our packaging is mainly paper and our bags are biodegradable.
A few reasons too appreciate our hard work.We look forward to welcoming current and new customers alike.
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